Winning 2nd Runner Up in ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Challenge!

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Two of UUM Enactus members, Mohammad Varel and Richard Tan are blessed to be 2nd runner up in “ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Challenge 2017”, an event organized by College Aminuddin Baki UKM in collaboration with Centre for Entrepreneurs and SMEs Development, UKM from 31st March to 8th of April in Bangi, Selangor.

In the whole competition, they were given 5 tasks throughout the competition and the final result would be the total points accumulated at the end of 5 tasks. In one of the tasks, they were required to come out with our own product innovations and to pitch our ideas in front of judges within 5 minutes, whereby 3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A session. The innovations were based on a health and beauty company named “Jamu Mak Dara” and its maternity products.

Eventually, they decided to focus more on process innovation rather than production innovation by applying they theoretical knowledge in Management Science class. They proposed the idea of adopting big data system into its operation and transforming the company’s call centre into Malaysia’s first beauty and health consultation toll that is open for the public as a part of product placement strategies and corporate social responsibility, killing two birds with one stone. Overall, they spent the first 30 seconds proposing the ideas and the rest of the time to justify our innovations in term of economic benefits and customer values.

Time constraint was one of the biggest obstacles they have to overcome in the competition. Tasks were usually given on the night before and they were required to complete the task and present their idea within a limited time in the next morning! Thus, besides of improving their time management skills, they learnt to think and work under tremendous pressure and approach problems from different perspectives.

Nonetheless, our friendships from all around the ASEAN are the most valuable rewards we got for participating in this competition. Mingling with participants from different backgrounds and countries taught us the importance of being humble and open yet sensitive towards other cultures and religions. Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude towards Co-operative and Entrepreneurship Development Institute and special thanks to our members Varel and Richard for making this possible!