Volunteering for Education (VE) is a project initiated under Enactus UUM with an aim to establish a platform for secondary school students in Kedah to instill entrepreneurial traits. Our aim is to provide a rigorous business education programme through which our volunteers (facilitators) will couch the students to have hands on experience in running three types of business in one term. Through this project, our team will establish a VE Buddies Club in each school to monitor the progress for VE business education programs, entrepreneurial skills in Buddies, and enhance Buddies’ soft skills. Our volunteers are enthusiastic and active university students who stand as friends and mentors, providing guidance and support to students through their journey of learning. For this term, we will be working closely with a total of 60 Form 4 students (Buddies) from SMK Changlun and SMK Bandar Baru Sintok.


  • Improving around 60 students’ (Buddies) entrepreneurial skills and knowledge by end of this term 2017/18.
  • Immersing all the students (Buddies) in an English language environment throughout the project.
  • Enhance students’ (Buddies) soft skills through business modules.


  • Design Guideline Booklet which consist of a rigid and legitimate framework for the students on how to run the business.
  • Establish VE buddies club in SMK Changlun & SMK Bandar Baru Sintok.
  • Improve students’ standard of living through the hands on experience.


  • Increase students’ entrepreneurial skill
  • Improve students’ general and business knowledge.
  • Improve students’ standard of living through the hands on experience.
  • Increase students’ pocket-money
  • Students able to generate business ideas and involve themselves in small business in future.