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On 24th of March 2017, Enactus UUM host the Social Innovation Ideation (SII) which held at Convention B, University Utara Malaysia together with Enactus UniMap. It was a spectacular event by Enactus Malaysia Foundation which both Enactus UUM and Enactus UniMap members came together to acquire lots of essential knowledge and skills from two representatives from Enactus Malaysia Foundation especially about problem-solving concepts and coming up with new projects.

The first activity of the day began with having breakfast and morning tea. After that at 10.00 am members encouraged to play a game by having a different Enactus team partner from Enactus UUM and UniMap. The game was about how to came up an idea to combat the problem.

After that, at 2.30 pm we proceed to the next activity which we required to make a project to help society and came up with diverse ideas. Meanwhile, we tried to analyze other Enactus team projects to find the strengths and the weaknesses of the project.

The event finished at 09:00 pm after all groups presented their own group projects. The purpose of the event was to educate Enactus members how to innovate a sustainable new project. We believe our Enactus UUM and Enactus UniMap will continue their successful projects and create other new projects to help the people in need.

After the event, our Public Relations team approached Enactus Malaysian Foundation representative and SII program Coordinator Farhan Baharin, Current President of Enactus UniMap Muhammad Wafiudin Bin Bachtiar and an alumnus and former presenter of Enactus UMT Masrudin Bin MD Yusoff to express their feeling about Enactus and the event.

“Basically the objective of SSI, we try to encourage Enactus members to be able to come up with a new idea, and we want to instill them with the element of Social Innovation Ideation,” said SII Program Coordinator & Enactus UNIMAS Alumni Farhan Baharin.

“This kind of events helps to build a good relationship between Enactus UUM and Enactus UniMap. We learned how to come up with a project idea and innovate a project to help the people in need” stated current president of Enactus UniMap Muhammad Wafiudin Bin Bachtiar.

“In my point of view, the way I look at Enactus is in entrepreneurship, from Enactus we can learn what is an entrepreneur all about. Enactus taught me a lot of entrepreneurship values. And, we also can join any competitions that related with entrepreneurship” said an alumnus and former presenter Enactus UMT Masrudin Bin MD Yusoff

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