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On January 12th 2017 was spectacular day for Enactus UUM members since We had Enactus team building at Escape Park, Penang. We departed from Universiti Utara Malaysia at 07.00 am and arrived to Escape Park, Penang at around 11.20 am. Members involved a lot of interesting and challenging activities during 2-day trip to Penang and it made us get closer with each other. Also, we got a chance to work as a team with all Enactus UUM members and learn to work collectively to deal with challenges.

The first activity of the day began with having briefing together and stretching. After that members encouraged to dance and have fun before moving to the main activity of the day which is playing games, such as Monkey Business, Atan’s Leap 20m Level, Gecko Tower, and other interesting games. Games organised differently so that players had a chance to experience diverse challenges.

We believe if we do something together it will be like a piece of cake, so easy rather than we do something alone.” One of our member Viqri said afterwards

In the evening around 05.00 pm We finished the games and calculated total points that each team have gathered and the team with lowest point has given a punishment by other teams.

After all the activities of the day we went back to our hotel and had a rest. On second day we closed the event and all of our members went back to their hometown. It was remarkable for joining this event.

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