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On November 18th, we had our first Enactus member training at Tradewinds Hall. The event began at 08.30 am and continued until 05.00 pm.   Within this short period of time members had a chance to come closer and to strength the bonds among each other while enjoying the amazing and joyful atmosphere there. The first activity of the day began with having breakfast together with the other members of each project.  After breakfast members encouraged to dance and have fun before moving to the main activity of the day which is brainstorming in a knowledge of projects.

“I managed to learn how to work in a team with new members within an hour of knowing each other and how to present our ideas clearly. I had many fun activities also throughout the session” Richard, Junior Executive of 4Nature, said afterward

By doing this member training, members were given a chance to learn projects’ scope and come up with new ideas to create new projects. They have also boosted their knowledge regarding to various questions such as how to implement the project, why we should choose it, how does it work and other interesting questions. Not surprisingly there were numerous interesting ideas voiced up during the session and we believe that these young talents could create their own projects in the years ahead of us to help the community in need.

After lunch members had some fun activities including play football and several mini games.

“An activity like Members training is opening up the doors for new members to experience and to create a new project which could solve the social problem around us. It is also essential in building strong bond among members” said current President of Enactus UUM Jared Loh

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