Crowd Funding for Co&Coal Project

Enactus UUM has officially signed up to raise funds for Co&Coal project through Mystartr crowd funding portal. This is done in conjunction with Co&Coal’s efforts to expand the project by reaching out to new target audiences in Jitra, Kedah. As the project expansion requires more capital, Enactus UUM members have opted to seek support from the community through various means including selling bookmarks, asking donations, seeking sponsorship and crowd funding.

Till date, Co&Coal has successfully empowered Mak Su from Lembah Bujang, Kedah by instilling the skills and knowledge necessary to generate her own income by transforming coconut shell waste into high quality coconut charcoal. As a result, Mak Su is now able to generate RM720 per month and support her family of 8 children.

In addition to creating wealth, we also believe in the notion of reducing environmental pollution caused by the improper disposal of coconut shell waste through Co&Coal project. This is true as coconut shell wastes that are otherwise left to rot or burnt in the open are put into good use by turning them into coconut charcoals which are eco-friendly and high in demand.

In short, we are confident in creating more positive impact to the community as well as the environment through Co&Coal project. But to do so, we need support from the community. If you are willing to join our journey in impacting many more people and share the same passion in conserving the environment, feel free to donate at the crowd funding portal.