Co & Coal

Co&Coal is a project initiated under ENACTUS UUM which aspires to improve the standard of living and quality of life of people in need in the northern region of Malaysia through entrepreneurial action. This project aims to reduce pollution caused by improper disposal of coconut shell waste. Despite its high utilization value, most coconut shells are thrown away due to lack of awareness and proper knowledge on its disposal methods. As the discarded coconut shells are either left to rot or burnt, causing much environmental pollution, we saw an opportunity through this problem. In this project, Enactus UUM recycles the discarded coconut shells by turning them into a marketable product, which is the coconut charcoal. As the project utilises the discarded coconut shells, we are able to tackle various environmental issues while fostering entrepreneurs with this sustainable “Go-Green” concept. Till date, we have empowered two target audiences with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to transform the coconut shells into high quality coconut charcoal. We are now reaching out to more target audiences in the northern region to help make a difference in their lives as well as the environment.


Step 1: Coconut shells are heated thoroughly using the Double Barrel Method for a duration of 4 hours.

Step 2: The carbonated coconut shell pieces are then crushed into fine coal dust using a grinding machine.

Step 3: The coal dust will be mixed with water, corn flour and carbonated powder and transferred into a shaping mold before drying under the sun.

Step 4: Coconut charcoals are packaged and ready for marketing.


1. Environmentally friendly
2. Lower volatile contents
3. Releases less smoke, sparks and ashes
4. Easier to burn
5. Less fragile
6. A longer burning time, up to 7 hours!

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