Back2Bag is a project initiated under ENACTUS UUM, which aspire to improve the standard of living and quality of lives of disabled people in Kedah and Penang via entrepreneurship. THe project focuses on the environmental pollution caused by the daily use of plastic bags and the social problems faced by the handicapped citizens. As plastic bags are often discarded, the waste accumulates up to 500 billion tons per year. Compounded by the disregarded part of the community, the disabled people are constantly being looked down upon. Bring depraved from getting a job due to their condition, they are unable to earn a living for themselves. Seeing this opportunity, Enactus UUM empowered these disabled people with the ability and skills to crochet used plastic bags into marketable products, later instilling business knowledge in them. This address the employment issues faced by the disabled while reducing plastic bag wastes by re purposing the disposed plastic bags into attractive and marketable products such as  pencil case,coin pouch and laptop sleeves.  Thus, help overcoming both ongoing problems.



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