About Us


“Entrepreneurship in our action. Changing lives is our mission”

Universiti Utara Malaysia highly supports students engagement in social projects to help the community in Malaysia improve their living condition. This orientation facilitate organization such as Enactus which is an international non-profit organization to shine in UUM especially since it focuses on community development through entrepreneurship activities.

The EnactusMalaysia’s chapter comprised of 30 universities from the public and private universities.  Enactus UUM is one of the strong Enactus teams in Malaysia focusing on developing the community in the northern region of Malaysia.

While assisting the community through economic activities, Enactus UUM emphasizes on preserving the environment, thus balancing between income generation, social promotion and environmental preservation.


During its early development as SIFE UUM, the organization was revived in 2009 with the mission to discover, develop and inspire society for a better future by empowering its members with skills to enhance their target audiences’ standard of living through entrepreneurial activities. Enactus UUM is fully supported by the Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (CEDI). Enactus UUM was rebranded from SIFE UUM on the same day as the launching of Enactus worldwide on the 30th of September 2012 in Washington D.C USA.

Enactus UUM celebrates the diversity of its members’ background and channel them through projects that benefit the society.  In line with the philosophy of Enactus, Enactus UUM provides an avenue for its members to discover their own potential while working towards solving the problems faced by the target audience. Thus, all members are equipped with necessary skills to enable them to function effectively.