4Nature is a project initiated under ENACTUS Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) , which aspires to improve the standard of living and quality of lives of farmers in Kedah and Perlis. This project  to deliver and instill the knowledge of natural farming to targeted farmers in need. Being blessed with a warm climate all year round, Malaysia excels in the agricultural sector, contributing to 12% of the country’s GDP. yet, the advent of chemical fertilizers and has led to the destruction of soil with very little benefit to gain. Seeing this opportunity, Enactus UUM has decided to take action. In this project, farmers are taught to produce their own organic fertilizers, which not only increases produce but also gain crops of higher quality. Tackling the environmental issue,  4Nature has successfully reduced the problem, assuring the state of Malaysia for a years to come.

To train the farmers, we have co-operated with the Agriculture Department of Kedah and a few successful farmers as well. Workshops are organised in targeted places which focused on the theory and practical implementation of making Indigenous Microorganism (IMO), an organic fertilizer known to be effective in enhancing the fertility of the soil. As we progress to spread awareness to the surrounding farmers in the area, we aspire a greener earth that can not only sustain the future, but our nation as well.



  • To empower the farmers with necessary skills of using online marketing to sell the crops in order to increase their income and standard of living.
  • To encourage organic farming around Kedah and Perlis with a focus on the use of organic ingredients with a target of minimum 5 Hectare of land using organic fertilizer.
  • To increase awareness among residents from at least 5 areas in Kedah and Perlis to understand the importance of organic farming and purchase organic products from our farmers.


  • Our participants will be selected among the farmers from the targeted villages in Kedah and Perlis. In addition, we are now targeting restaurants to collaborate with our target audience.