4Nature – Kg Tanjung Kapur, Jitra

On 30th March 2018, 4Nature members paid a visit to Kg Tanjung Kapur, Jitra to assist the target audiences in making the NPK organic fertilizer (OF). The target audiences were informed to prepare the items needed beforehand.

The first two target audiences, Pakcik Nawi and Pakcik Yusof joined together and the activity started around 9am at Pakcik Nawi’s house. Both of them were interested to use the OF on their fruit trees and paddy field. The team demonstrated the process from separating the raw materials into three elements, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) until the last process which is to stir the mixture in a container/barrel. The two target audiences followed every step shown by the members so they can prepare another batch of OF on their own.

At 10am, the team arrived at the village residence hall with the help of Pakcik Yusof. Here, they met the third target audience, Pakcik Yani and demonstrated the process of making the OF once again. We were delighted to have a new target audience, Pakcik Darus who had decided to join us. Both target audiences expressed their interest in applying the OF for their paddy field.

At 11.15am, we headed to the last target audience’s house, Pakcik Husin. He made the OF together with us while we demonstrated the process to him. The team ended the activity with some brunch prepared by Pakcik Husin.