Acceleration Week – Volunteering for Education Project

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Acceleration week has ended successfully for VE Project (15 – 18 January 2018). Shout out to all VE members who’ve worked tirelessly in making this journey fruitful and worthwhile.
On the first day of Acceleration Week, VE members have been busy preparing handmade bookmarks to be sold to raise funds for the project.
On day 2, VE members were separated into three teams and were assigned to sell the handmade bookmarks to the people in Kedah. Team 1 was to sell in Changlun, Team 2 in Jitra, while Team 3 sold their bookmarks to lecturers in UUM. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the three teams managed to sell all the bookmarks and collected more than RM1000 in revenue. All proceeds will be used wisely to expand the project.
In addition, VE members from Team 3 have also paid a visit to SMK Changlun and SMK Bandar Baru Sintok to brief the headmaster regarding VE Project. Following the fruitful discussion, both schools have agreed to implement VE Project modules as extracurricular activities. VE members will execute the project in both schools starting 23rd February 2018.
On day three, VE members had discussions regarding Module 3 and have finalized the products to be sold during the execution of the module. The members have discussed and finalized on the first two modules previously before Acceleration Week.
On the last day of Acceleration Week, VE members were separated into two teams, facilitator team and management team. This is to ensure smooth running of events during the execution of all modules next semester.