Acceleration Week – 4Nature Project

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Acceleration Week has officially come to an end (15 – 18 January 2018). Thank you for those who stayed and helped with our projects. Below is the summary of activities conducted by 4Nature Project.
During the first day of Acceleration Week, 4Nature members brainstormed for ideas and solutions for problems in implementing SRI and NPK Fertilizer.
On Day 2, 4Nature members went to Lembah Bujang to visit Pak Su and help clear his paddy field for the next planting cycle. It was challenging for the members as it required a lot of physical labour to clear the land. Once the work was done, 4Nature members went to explore Lembah Bujang Eco-park to understand more about sustainable rural and eco-tourism development. Everyone was excited as it was the first time for Junior Executives to visit that place.
On the third day, 4Nature members approached potential target audiences in Jitra and managed to collect their contact details to invite them for a workshop on SRI and NPK Fertilizer which will be conducted next semester.
On the last day, 4Nature members visited a harumanis orchard, managed by Pn Che Aminah in Kangar, Perlis. They’ve collected data on the usage of NPK Fertilizer, harvest cycle, problems faced and future plans of our target audience. They have planned to revisit the orchard next semester to help the target audience prepare more NPK Fertilizer.