Acceleration Week – Co&Coal Project

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From 15 to 18 January 2018, Enactus UUM have successfully conducted the Acceleration Week programme to boost all projects. We would like to thank everyone who has played their role in making the Acceleration Week successful. Below are the details of activities conducted by Co&Coal Project.
On the first day, Co&Coal members brainstormed for ideas to tackle the problems commonly faced by target audiences in running the project. They have also diligently made preparations to conduct an upcoming workshop in an attempt to reach out to more target audiences.
On Day 2, Co&Coal members have approached potential target audiences in Kodiang and Kampung Asun and invited them to attend the upcoming workshop. They’ve also approached JKKK from each village to spread the news regarding the workshop. They were fortunate as members of JKKK from both villages had agreed to provide a suitable avenue for the upcoming workshops.
During the third day, six Co&Coal members made a trip to Lembah Bujang to collect 13kg of coal dust for coconut charcoal production while the other members were helpful in preparing for the upcoming workshop. They’ve contacted the potential target audiences to inform about the time and location for the workshop. After that, they bought other necessary items and tools to be used to demonstrate the coconut charcoal production during the workshop.
On the last day, Co&Coal members have successfully conducted a workshop in Kampung Asun and Kampung Bendahara in an effort to attract new target audiences. Details of Co&Coal project were well presented and the potential target audiences were given the chance to get hands-on and shape the charcoals. The workshop managed to attract up to 40 people who showed great enthusiasm in the Co&Coal Project.