2nd Runner-Up in Asean Young Entrepreneurs Challenge 2018


On 1st to 7th April 2018, two Enactus UUM members, Looi Pui Mun and Elvina Lee went on a journey by participating in the Asean Young Entrepreneurs Challenge 2018 held in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. With the theme of ‘Revolutionary Entrepreneurship through Information Technology”, they were both prepared to face the challenges ahead. Below is the experience that they’ve shared from the competition.

“Throughout the competition, we were given 7 tasks, and marks were taken for each completed task. At the end of the day, the total marks will be counted to determine the champion. We were exposed to multiple facets of activities during the week. It includes ice breaking session, team building, business pitching, forum and many more.

A highlighted event from this competition that we had fun joining was definitely the ‘Marketing Strategy’. We were separated into different groups of 3 with participants from other universities and cooperated together. The whole concept of this task was to propose solutions using technology to solve any issues regarding marketing strategies faced by selected businesses in nearby areas at Bangi. At the end of the day, we had to present our ideas to judges for 10 minutes altogether, with 3 minutes allocated for Q&A. For my group, we suggested to create a website to promote their products as consumers can access to favourable choices through the website rather than going to the physical store. As for Pui Mun’s group, they came up with an idea of sourcing for dropship agents via social media to further branch out their products to a wider scope throughout Malaysia.

            Our biggest obstacle would be our weak ideation. All the tasks given required us to wreck our heads off to come up with a satisfying product. Furthermore, we battled with the time limits in order to finish the tasks. A vivid memory of ours was when we only managed to complete brainstorming on a pitch 15 minutes right before our turn. This definitely counterattacked our first weakness mentioned, because we were able to compose our ideas using critical thinking in such brief moments.

            The best memory we have had from this competition was the friendships created.. Most participants arrived with the mindset of becoming champions as the only goal, but everyone indirectly bonded in such a short time. It was difficult to say goodbye to everyone especially international friends, as we never know when will we be able to meet again in the future. We learnt beyond what we could have imagined about each other’s cultural boundaries. It sure was the greatest memory from this competition.

            Last but not least, we would like to express our deepest gratitude towards ENACTUS UUM, for giving us such a great opportunity to explore beyond the horizon of our comfort zones as well as the organizer of this event, CESMED UKM for coming up with such a brilliant platform for youths around ASEAN to inspire each other.”

4Nature – Kg Tanjung Kapur, Jitra


On 30th March 2018, 4Nature members paid a visit to Kg Tanjung Kapur, Jitra to assist the target audiences in making the NPK organic fertilizer (OF). The target audiences were informed to prepare the items needed beforehand.

The first two target audiences, Pakcik Nawi and Pakcik Yusof joined together and the activity started around 9am at Pakcik Nawi’s house. Both of them were interested to use the OF on their fruit trees and paddy field. The team demonstrated the process from separating the raw materials into three elements, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) until the last process which is to stir the mixture in a container/barrel. The two target audiences followed every step shown by the members so they can prepare another batch of OF on their own.

At 10am, the team arrived at the village residence hall with the help of Pakcik Yusof. Here, they met the third target audience, Pakcik Yani and demonstrated the process of making the OF once again. We were delighted to have a new target audience, Pakcik Darus who had decided to join us. Both target audiences expressed their interest in applying the OF for their paddy field.

At 11.15am, we headed to the last target audience’s house, Pakcik Husin. He made the OF together with us while we demonstrated the process to him. The team ended the activity with some brunch prepared by Pakcik Husin.