Good Bye again..

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On Wednesday evening, June 2nd 2016, was unforgettable night for Enactus UUM family as there came time to say goodbye to senior members of Enactus UUM who have given their contribution and commitment which brought Enactus UUM to the stage they are now. There is no doubt right from early days of our life, we are continuously guided by our seniors. Similarly, in Enactus UUM the role of Seniors has always been essential to build a better team and go hand in hand with juniors in adaptation period. A healthy interaction with seniors not only plays a significant role in improvement of Enactus UUM family, but also helps one to get rid of homesickness and adjust in new environment as well as to build a strong bond among members. Every semester, Enactus UUM need farewell some of awesome Enactus members and this is undoubtedly the hardest moment for us.

There is no doubt , it has been a great pleasure to have such inspirational, talented and hardworking members to Enactus UUM and remembering them and the impact they have made to us we all want to say goodbye and good luck on their new path. Thanks all the hard work and commitment you have made for Enactus UUM. Good luck and farewell MA, Anita Chia, Helena Majilla, Sharon Chua and Nadya Safira. Enactus UUM have blessed to have all of you over the past few terms.

Enactus UUM
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Enactus UUM Gathering

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On the 23th of March 2016, Enactus UUM was having a great gathering among all the members in UUM. This gathering helds in SAC. During the gathering, all the members were having a lot of fun and playing game sessions around the SAC. For examples, we had ice breaking games in the first session, Carry and Basket games in second session and the guess the words in final session.

Before the gathering ended up,   we celebrated 7th Enactus UUM birthday altogether. After this gathering, the bond among all the members become closer and closer. It was a grateful gathering and it will held always.

Enactus Happy Birthday

Happy together